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About Us


Fido means “Faithful”, and it comes from the Latin word, fidelitas. President Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, was passionate about animal welfare and had several pets throughout his lifetime. One of those pets, described as “a yellow mutt” was a dog named Fido.

Fido lived with Abe Lincoln, his wife Mary and their sons in Springfield, Illinois. While President Lincoln’s dog Fido never lived in the White House, he was a beloved family member especially to his two youngest sons, Willie and Tad.

We believe the faithfulness of facility dogs to the people they serve is extraordinary and FIDOS would like to partner with you to provide a facility dog at your location.


Meet Our Executive Director

Kelly Schaeffer is founder and executive director of FIDOS. Kelly believes in serving the community and has spent many years volunteering. FIDOS is especially important to her because of the far-reaching effects of facility dogs on the people they serve. Watching the puppies grow and learn is something that I especially love to be part of. Training and raising the puppies is her passion and you can frequently see her out and about with one of the FIDOS Facility Dogs in training!

FIDOS is a non-profit organization formed under Alabama law and has tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Service. We are governed by a Board of Directors:



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